Slovensko društvo za angleške študije
Slovene Association for the Study of English

Volume XI - Spring (2014): The Play's the Thing: Eclectic Essays in Memory of a Scholar and Drama Translator (Joural Eds. Smiljana Komar and Uroš Mozetič, Volume Eds. Tomaž Onic and Simon Zupan)

Katja Plemenitaš: Gender Ideologies in English and Slovene: A Contrastive View
Frančiška Lipovšek: Defining the conceptual structure of from and to
Klementina Jurančič Petek: The "Magnet Effect" - A Powerful Source of L1 Dialect Interference in the Pronunciation of English as a Foreign Language
Michelle Gadpaille: Elementary Ratiocination: Anticipating Sherlock Holmes in a Slovene Setting
Nursen Gömceli: Questioning History, Nationality and Identity in Timberlake Wertenbaker's Credible Witness
Victor Kennedy: Aspects of Evil in Traditional Murder Ballads
Janez Skela: The Quest for Literature in EFL Textbooks - A Quest for Camelot?
Melita Kukovec: Cross-Curricular Teaching: The Case of Mark Haddon's The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Primož Jurko: Target Language Corpus as an Encoding Tool: Collocations in Slovene-English Translator Training
Simon Zupan, Marko Štefanič: Military Jargon in the Slovenian Translation of Hostile Waters Vojaški žargon v slovenskem prevodu Sovražnih vod
Tina Cupar, Alenka Valh Lopert: The Function of Language in Characterization: Dialectal Speech in the Animated Film Chicken Little