Slovensko društvo za angleške študije
Slovene Association for the Study of English

Volume IX - Spring (2012): Studies in the English Language and Literatures in Slovenia (Journal Eds. Smiljana Komar and Uroš Mozetič); Perspectives on Pinter: A European Cultural Capital Honours the Nobel Laureate (Ed. of Vol. IX - Spring Tomaž Onič)

Tomaž Onič: Perspectives on Pinter
Łukasz Borowiec: More or Less on the Mark? Translating Harold Pinter's The Dwarfs: A Novel
Lilijana Burcar: The New World Order and the Unmasking of the Neo-Colonial Present
Michael Devine: Returning to Roots: Pinter as Alternative Theatre Playwright
Andrew Goodspeed: "The Dignity of Man": Pinter, Politics, and the Nobel Speech
Dilek Inan: From Room to Tomb: Moonlight
Renée von Paschen: Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter in German: What's Missing in Translation?
Andrea Peghinelli: "Bringing Back the Essential Meaning of the Theatre": Harold Pinter and the Belarus Free Theatre
Elizabeth Sakellaridou: "All Them Aliens Had It": Pinter's Cosmopolitanism

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